Features that a tennis shoe needs to give you
How to choose the right tennis shoes? You have certainly asked yourself this question.
When choosing the right tennis shoe cushioning, stability, weight and size are enormously important.
Damping and stability
Damping and stability in a tennis shoe, cushioning and stability are important factors, as you have to constantly move around in the game and abruptly stop in the game. A good cushioning in the tennis shoe helps you to absorb the load and reduce it. Stabilization should be especially in the midfoot area, so that injury to the ankle can be prevented.
How much right tennis shoes should weigh minimal or maximum, cannot say flat rate. Nevertheless, the weight of the tennis shoes should be included in your purchase decision. The tennis shoe should feel light on the foot but still provide sufficient stability. Especially with a sports shoe, the shoe climate is an important criterion. Breathable materials are particularly lightweight, provide adequate ventilation and still provide the necessary support.
In summer, it is recommended to choose the tennis shoe half a number to a size larger, as the feet expand in high heat. Therefore, we recommend you to try new tennis shoes with thick tennis socks. In addition to the length, the width must also be suitable for the foot. Too wide a shoe does not provide sufficient stability.